Alexander Francis Lydon (1836–1917) was a British watercolour artist, illustrator and engraver of natural history and landscapes. He worked for Benjamin Fawcett the printer, to whom he had been apprenticed from an early age. He collaborated on a large number of works with the Rev. Francis Orpen Morris

British Fresh-Water Fishes was originally published in 1879 in two volumes. It was re-issued in 1884 as a single volume. A second edition lacking colour plates was published in 1893. The illustrations in Fishes are superb and were quite revolutionary at the time, showing fish in a representation of their natural habitat. This, yet again, was Lydon at his best – an artist producing exquisite representations of the natural world with the ability to analyse the nuances of colour and to translate that into colour separations for engraving and printing using Fawcett’s unique combination of Turkish boxwood blocks and inks. In the context of books about fish, the illustrations in Fishes have been described as “the very best ever published.” The prints were exhibited at the London International Fisheries Exhibition of 1883

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